firefighters? water cops
doctors? health cops
pharmacists? pill cops
teachers? chalk cops

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me: Hey how's it goin lil guy?

sidekiq man: :sidekiqman:


me: Yea

it always impresses me how there is a negative amount of solidarity amongst far-right reactionaries, they're all a bunch of ships passing in the night, all waiting to seize on each others' weakness while carefully guarding their own vulnerabilities by refusing to have personalities or opinions that weren't handed out to them by youtubers

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inducing posting-based ego death because I am terrified that the other self-hating pseudo-orthodox computer touchers I post alongside might put my opinion on the left side of the meme with the stupid guy on the left and the strong-chinned smart man on the right

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agonizing over which brands are Cringe and which ones are Based and which ones are Woke and which ones are Epic and what superhero show I can watch if I don't want groyper_pete to post the soyface at me

doing the ojou-sama laugh when I see a side-effect

I have only been using Scheme for a couple weeks now but I am already opinionated about people writing imperative code in it

I don't know what a tankie is and nobody will ever be able to explain it to me

announcing my defederation from piffo.bonanza because of the moonkissbaby incident

thoughts on learning programming:

scheme is cool because it's just lots of parentheses, nothing else to remember, just keep wrapping parentheses around everything forever, brain smooth, only parentheses

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I am the president, and I am white.

ℹ️ Get the facts about white admins

wondering if I will further evolve from "LISP guy" to "Haskell guy"

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