somehow ended up in an argument with a guy who's arguing that the US/imperial system is superior to metric because it's more relatable to human experience and all the bases-of-10/prefixes stuff is overhyped because nobody ever really needs to convert between units

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bonus: also this is the principled Marxist opinion to have and anyone who likes metric is a lib

@jimpjorps "metric is anti-worker" is not a take I expected to see today

@Aleums @jimpjorps where i come from we measure 13.75 snails to one king's thigh and that's how we LIKE it

@Aleums @jimpjorps Okay but sort of seriously, this dude advocating for imperial is, like... is this the fabled anarcho-monarchist we've heard about? Or maybe even a crypto-monarchist?

@jimpjorps the only way to fix this rift: the measuring tape divided into tenths of feet my friend posted about on here the other day

@alex I use tenths/hundredths of feet fairly often, it’s the standard for road design and surveying

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