my thoughts about the five games in Jackbox Party Pack 8

Job Job: a game where you rearrange other players' answers to simple prompts into funny responses to job interview questions -- pretty good as long as everybody playing buys in and provides long-enough answers to work with; probably the most straightforward of the games


Poll Mine: everybody ranks responses to opinion questions like "worst clothing to sleep in" or "best passive-aggressive email signature", then splits into teams that try to figure out how the entire group ranked the opinions -- generated the best discussions and interactions between players; the last round where you have to rank everything in order from bottom to top is a little hard but very satisfying when you get it right

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Weapons Drawn: a social deduction game where the central mechanic is drawing a "murder weapon" that hides a letter in the artist's name within the drawing -- has a lot of moving parts, was a little slow to get going, but people seemed to be very invested in it by the end once we figured out how it all worked

Drawful Animate: the third Drawful game; one player gets a prompt and draws a two-frame animation, everybody else writes a plausible prompt and then votes on the one they think is the real one -- the best version of Drawful yet, the animation feature is pretty simple but adds a lot of expressiveness to the drawings; the prompts are explicitly written to stump the usual strategies players used in previous Drawful games

Wheel of Enormous Proportions: a game show with a trivia phase where players earn wedges on a roulette wheel by answering trivia questions, then a wheel phase where players earn points if their wedges get landed on -- the weakest of the five, the randomness of the wheel phase means there's not much to do for most of the game besides watch and hope you win, but the game atmosphere does a pretty good job of selling the drama and getting people invested nonetheless

overall pack 8 is pretty strong, it doesn't have any outright stinkers or games that are impossible to play online, though if your group doesn't like drawing or isn't into the randomness of Wheel then it might be slimmer pickings this time around

@touk it apparently snuck up on most people, most of my usual group didn't realize a new pack was out this week

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