I don't understand Apple fanboys, Apple announced that they'll sell phone and laptop repair parts to consumers directly today, and these are some of their reactions:
- the powerful right-to-repair lobby unfairly forced Apple to do this
- because of the right-to-repair movement, people will blow up their houses trying to repair their Macbooks
- you should only trust trained Genius Bar staff with your devices because independent repair shops will deliberately sabotage them to make more money

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@jimpjorps I have not seen any of the opinions you list. As an Apple user I am happy about this change.

@Gargron I think it would be fair to say you're not the kind of Apple fanboy I'm seeing on places like 9to5mac and macrumors, the ones who reflexively get mad at anyone who criticizes Apple for anything at all

@jimpjorps i am ever so slightly empathetic to argument 2, because when i was a Genius it is because we were fully stocked with safety and fire gear that explosions or fires caused by incompetent Geniuses were contained

@jimpjorps Yeah, we're a pretty defensive group sometimes 😕

I can speak for me and say that as an Apple fan I am PUMPED for this change.

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