over the past few days I've had multiple promoters of "play-to-earn" games tell me that it's okay that play-to-earn games aren't fun because owning your own in-game assets or making money being a digital landlord is more important than enjoying yourself

also that if I don't support the current, un-fun play-to-earn games now, then it'll be my fault that we never eventually get play-to-earn games that don't suck shit


people with web3 brain are completely inscrutable to me. I cannot comprehend deliberately living a life where everything is a monetized side hustle

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the idiots that bought the Jodorowsky Dune book were all self-congratulatory about how they built a distributed community based on their shared appreciation of a piece of pop culture. motherfucker that's called a fandom and it doesn't require burning down a forest to create a digital pog

@jimpjorps It's a fad of fads.

I prefer the 'communistic' web; where ideally, all is given away for free , and taken without a fee.

@neglesaks even barring that I'm fine with paying to cover people's costs to host and provide things, but artificial scarcity and speculation are absolutely anathema to a healthy internet

@jimpjorps I used to think that cartoon villains were ridiculous, because no one would ever act like that.

"Grargh! What is... joy? What is fun? I detest these foolish things! I want riches... I want POWER!"

The day when I realised this is actually how some people see the world was a strange one.

@jimpjorps Even more bizarre is that they imagine other people wanting to work solely to enrich *them*. Like that tone-deaf statement from the Square Enix CEO about people who apparently "play to contribute".

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