celebrating a successful trip to the dental hygienist by getting to work and immediately eating half a bag of sticky candy

that feel when it do be like that sometimes >>>

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@whiskeysailor that would require Tesla to actually take inspiration from other industries instead of just making a bunch of elementary mistakes because they're incapable of learning from history

@aadil I don't have any particular device recommendations but there's a whole bunch of "camera pens" you could carry fairly inconspicuously in a shirt pocket

today I remembered the syndicated newspaper comic strip "COMPU-TOON" exists, drawn by a man who does not know what a computer is and does not care to learn

the whole freenode thing has inspired me to log into IRC for the first time in about 5 years

scheme users: scheme is a beautiful minimalistic language with none of the bloat and unnecessary features of other languages

scheme reality:

@dankwraith ("dónde está la biblioteca" voice) dónde está la zapatista

@dankwraith fighting fatigue to rotate 20 perfect trumpets in my head

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scrolling through the timeline making Marge Simpson noises at half the posts

town-level uspol 

a local school district here took all the names of holidays off the one-page school calendar they send out to parents and color coded them instead, and now it's become international conservative news because people are accusing them of intentionally disrespecting the troops by refusing to say "veteran's day" any more

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