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conservatives are all high-fiving each other for buying so many Dr. Seuss books they're 42 of the top 50 books on Amazon right now, despite the fact that the group who "canceled" Dr. Seuss is the Dr. Seuss estate, who will be getting all those royalties

I enjoy having my own instance because I can just do whatever dumb shit I want with it and if it breaks the only person I can blame is myself

proud to announce that the newest mod of thechairman.info is jimpjorps

@chocolatemarshmallowmateys the Moto G phones and the Nokia 5 are both good for under US$200

the various parents I know are all tearing through their kids' boxes of baby books today after seeing the resale market on the pulled Dr. Seuss books and hoping to pull in some of that Fox News viewer cash

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@body @Dayglochainsaw runescape has been on this path lately too, it's weird to see kids unironically talking about how they play it

@venko @esvrld it's a fundamental part of Jewish law, while in most branches of Christianity it's been superseded by the new covenant with Jesus

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You have (2) wallow requests

making a spreadsheet to keep track of the names of all the cats owned by the various members of all the discord servers I'm on

meditating for a fortnight to become a guy who imagines people calling Beetle Bailey problematic and then makes a bunch of youtube videos about how irrational the hypothetical Beetle Bailey cancelers are

making up Snapchat ads for a group and trying to appeal to all the basic bitches by using the yogurt font

uspol, lol 

@radicalrobit he tricked her into spending every night ripped on chablis and yelling at grad students online

@ifixcoinops I've been running a community that's about to hit the 8 year mark soon and I can definitely back this up, we've changed with the times and had to shed a few members who refused to come along

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