renaming myself Francis Ouibaguette and moving to Montreal

@Louisa I'm on a sea horse diet -- I see horse paste, I eat horse paste

@Aleums also to be clear this isn't me being like "just shut up and quit whining" about anyone pointing out assholes, it's more being pissed at said assholes thinking they're free to be assholes here and the frustration with people who can rationalize asshole behavior away because they like cat pics or whatever

@Aleums logging in after a week or so and suddenly half my timeline is friends with The Eugenicist Boss Baby Stan and the other half is angry about it

psychonauts 2 thoughts/spoilers 

@sexybenfranklin my top 3 is Sensorium, Cookoff and Hot Streak

psychonauts 2 thoughts/spoilers 

@sexybenfranklin the twist and climax were great, I was just a little disappointed that the final bossfight wasn't as big a setpiece as some of the other prior levels

psychonauts 2 thoughts/spoilers 

just finished psychonauts 2 and it's like 95% a perfect game all the way up to the final level which is a wet fart of three dioramas and a boring boss fight, I wonder if they were so scared of another Meat Circus ending that they went hard in the other direction and made the ending level too easy/short

just the sea of Tool fans all powerlessly flipping off My Bloody Valentine while they just impassively glowered back from behind a wall of thought-destroying sound, it was a beautiful moment

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the only thing I know about Tool is that one year I went to All Points West and My Bloody Valentine were opening for Tool, and MBV got so pissed at the fans in the crowd shouting for MBV to get off the stage that they played a single chord for 15 minutes

"worcestershire sauce?" oh look at little fancy lord fauntleroy over here, in this household we call it it's proper name: Daddies Brown Sauce

@radicalrobit the hands are just a distraction from whatever semaphore signal he's trying to transmit with the corners of his mouth

worcestershire sauce is just american soy sauce

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