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proud to announce I am now the defensive coordinator for the Calais Sex-Arses

since the only local mod I'm bothering with it is me, I am enjoying going to various fediverse dens of right-wing shitheads and mass-reporting posts with reasons like "leftoid cope" and "epic cringe"

making up car trouble to get out of showing up on time for a 9 AM Saturday social obligation >>>>

(sees the picture of Ben Shapiro buying a plank of wood) wow I didn't know Ben played the saxophone, didn't know they sold reeds at home depot though

currently doing some code exercises in Racket (a dialect of Scheme) on one of those code kata websites, and there are so few people doing them in that language that I score 100% on performance and memory use most of the time, which my lizard brain says means I'm a genius programmer

being on a one-person instance apparently makes a lot of weirdos think that you're part of their unlikeable assholes club

no, "fren finder", bot registered at "", I do not think I want to be followed by you

firefighters? water cops
doctors? health cops
pharmacists? pill cops
teachers? chalk cops

it always impresses me how there is a negative amount of solidarity amongst far-right reactionaries, they're all a bunch of ships passing in the night, all waiting to seize on each others' weakness while carefully guarding their own vulnerabilities by refusing to have personalities or opinions that weren't handed out to them by youtubers

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