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still on my whirlwind tour of programming languages; so far I've spent a few weeks each with Racket, F#, Julia and about a week on Prolog, now I'm looking at R

reading excitedly about the Fukushima exclusion zone radioactive hybrid terror-hogs

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Thanks so much y’all! I only promote my channel on Mastodon so it really is 100% down to y’all’s support

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thinking about the fact I blocked a someone on here this morning for saying they hate ska, I love to curate my online experience

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You, sir, have just won the internet

*tips my top hat and flies away in a ROFLcopter like a boss*

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currently binging through Columbo and my primary takeaway is that 1970's Los Angeles is a hideous smoggy landfill town

mild injury 

every single time I am outside I make sure to apply sunscreen, especially over the parts I missed last time, and every single time I manage to miss about two random square inches and end up with a very angry stripe somewhere on my body

so you're telling me a graphic processed this unit

not sure why month-ago me thought I needed a pack of calligraphy pens when I went back to the office but now I have a pack of calligraphy pens at the office

misreading "soaring crime rates" as "soaring crime rats" and visualizing a bunch of bank-robbing rodents with jetpacks and tommy guns

today I learned about the album "Histoire de Melody Nelson" by Serge Gainsbourg and now I am not happy

I bought this shirt a couple weeks ago and I have no idea why but middle-aged women love it, I have gotten multiple compliments from strangers while wearing it

Knee Play 3 from Einstein on the Beach is unironically one of my favorite pieces of music ever and I will never apologize for loving it

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