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just watched someone try to remember the name of electroswing and coming up with "steam-bop"

it's me, the guy who is inordinately mad that the companies who are the most active in the VR design space are run by people with the most dull-as-dishwater shiplap-and-Edison-bulbs unflavored-yogurt -for-dessert imaginations

the metaverse is a world where you can do, create, and be anything! now here are the tools that you can only use to reproduce your own face and decorate a cubicle

thinking about how Facebook's new killer idea for "the metaverse" is a bunch of avatars around a conference table, an idea Second Life pushed for like three months in 2007 before giving up on it

the pee pee poo poo man fandom is dying reblog this if you're a true pooper

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Are you sleepchamp? Are you bedpilled? Are you slumberhands? is crumbling... it's down to one active user

*inflates you big and round, like we used to do on the streets*

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this toot is presented
in a 4:3 format to preserve
the integrity of jimpjorps'
creative vision

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I want the zoomers to thank us for destroying Applebee's

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