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just the sea of Tool fans all powerlessly flipping off My Bloody Valentine while they just impassively glowered back from behind a wall of thought-destroying sound, it was a beautiful moment

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the only thing I know about Tool is that one year I went to All Points West and My Bloody Valentine were opening for Tool, and MBV got so pissed at the fans in the crowd shouting for MBV to get off the stage that they played a single chord for 15 minutes

"worcestershire sauce?" oh look at little fancy lord fauntleroy over here, in this household we call it it's proper name: Daddies Brown Sauce

worcestershire sauce is just american soy sauce

when I say I'm culturally conservative I mean that I still read Megatokyo

got the second step of my tooth implant done yesterday so now I am officially a cyborg

the video of the guy snapping a piece of elastic against his taint and falling over whining and farting is one of the funniest videos of the past decade

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In my absence, Shankly found a burlap sack that some sweet corn came in and claimed it as his one true love

just watched someone try to remember the name of electroswing and coming up with "steam-bop"

it's me, the guy who is inordinately mad that the companies who are the most active in the VR design space are run by people with the most dull-as-dishwater shiplap-and-Edison-bulbs unflavored-yogurt -for-dessert imaginations

the metaverse is a world where you can do, create, and be anything! now here are the tools that you can only use to reproduce your own face and decorate a cubicle

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