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Poll Mine: everybody ranks responses to opinion questions like "worst clothing to sleep in" or "best passive-aggressive email signature", then splits into teams that try to figure out how the entire group ranked the opinions -- generated the best discussions and interactions between players; the last round where you have to rank everything in order from bottom to top is a little hard but very satisfying when you get it right

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Job Job: a game where you rearrange other players' answers to simple prompts into funny responses to job interview questions -- pretty good as long as everybody playing buys in and provides long-enough answers to work with; probably the most straightforward of the games

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my thoughts about the five games in Jackbox Party Pack 8

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@jimpjorps why post that panel of the nude blue guy on mars or whatever when you can 💆

example deployment of 💆

someone: did you see what piffo55 said about moonkissbaby
me: 💆

I have decided that I will now use 💆 as a reaction emoji

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do anarchists refuse to watch Charles In Charge

all my friday blessings to duluth trading company for making jeans that fit my boxy cornfed midwestern dumbass

Welcome to the new paradigm of interactivity.

(grabs a handful of dirt, tastes a fingertip-worth, squints at the horizon) looks like there's a new homestuck out there on the internet

renaming myself Francis Ouibaguette and moving to Montreal

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