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every few months or so I think "I should try learning Haskell," and then I try setting up the tooling and it breaks in some novel, undiagnosable way because Haskell's tooling documentation is atrocious, and I end up paving it over and forgetting about it until the next time I think it might be a good idea to try learning Haskell


finished day 4 of advent of code, racket is the first language I've actually had fun using to solve problems like this

still on my bullshit: I've completed "Binary Diagnostic" - Day 3 - Advent of Code 2021

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hero's servant must kill giant pig.

getting all my homies together to watch the Philip Glass Sesame Street animations

I don't understand Apple fanboys, Apple announced that they'll sell phone and laptop repair parts to consumers directly today, and these are some of their reactions:
- the powerful right-to-repair lobby unfairly forced Apple to do this
- because of the right-to-repair movement, people will blow up their houses trying to repair their Macbooks
- you should only trust trained Genius Bar staff with your devices because independent repair shops will deliberately sabotage them to make more money

I like the clickbait headline phrase "the answer may surprise you" because you can say it about literally anything. maybe you're a 9-month-old baby without the concept of object permanence yet, there's a whole lot of things that'd surprise you

*every ex-goon from every website, forum, chatroom, social media and video game come in with everything for a HUGE party*

this enchanted sword deals 10,000 nipple damage

today's fun: watching a discord channel full of millennials realize that the name of Nero Burning ROM is a pun

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thinking about how Facebook's new killer idea for "the metaverse" is a bunch of avatars around a conference table, an idea Second Life pushed for like three months in 2007 before giving up on it

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